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The standard Python for programmers and the customized "Python for Experts" course where a great success. ..

Bart Hillaert, Alcatel-Lucent, Belgium more...

Good course. Very competent trainer for this introduction. The course offers wide spectrum of topics and goes into depth were participants need it most.

Helmut Dittrich, CEO DiFis-Engineering UG, arrow-fix.com, about the German introduction to Django "Einstieg in Django" more...

I really liked the training. It matched the expectations of a student. This training is amazing.

Deepti about the tutorial "Iterators, Generators and Decorators at EuroPython 2014" more...

I enjoyed the course very much and learned a lot. My interest for quite few of topics was ignited during the course and I will into more details. I understood many principles. All in all: Very good training! Thank you very much all the best.

Dominik Schwinn, German Aerospace Stuttgart about the course "Python für Programmierer und Python für Wissenschaftler und Ingenieure" more...

A useful and quite comprehensive introduction to Python.

Emil Simon, Researcher about the course "Python for Scientists and Engineers" more...

Course: Twisted Training

Dates for Open Courses

Course available as open and in-house training. Currently no dates for open courses. Please ask us at info@python-academy.de

Intended audience

This tutorial is intended for programmers with at least some Python experience who want to use the Twisted framework. It is suitable for people trying to start new Twisted projects, are looking to integrate Twisted with an existing non-Twisted project, or who have inherited an existing Twisted project.

Course content

Many components of the course can be left out or adjusted to suit your specific needs.

Core course

  • Introduction (40 min)
    • Event loops (10 min)

    • Environment setup (25 min)
      • Dependencies and required software
    • Where to get help (10 min)
      • Documentation
      • Support channels: IRC, mailing list...
  • Protocols, factories and endpoints (40 min)
    • Introduction (5 min)

    • Building a simple protocol (15 min)

    • Client and server factories (5 min)

    • Serving your protocol: (5 min)
      • reactor.listen/connect
      • endpoints
    • Existing and composable protocols (10 min)

  • Deferreds (60 min)
    • Introduction (10 min)
    • Exercises (30 min)
    • @inlineCallbacks (20 min)

Important toplevel packages

  • Twisted Web (90 min)
    • Servers (with exercises) (60 min)
      • Resource traversal
    • Clients (exercises based on previous servers) (60 min)

  • Twisted Cred: pluggable authentication (45 min)
    • Overview
    • Exercises

Other toplevel packages and third party packages

  • twisted.words: Chat protocols & IRC support
    • IRC clients
      • A simple bot (30 min)
      • Adding more advanced behavior (e.g. webhooks) (45 min)
    • Building an IRC server (30 min)

    • Wokkel (Friend fork with advanced Jabber/XMPP support) (30 min)

  • twisted.news: NTTP support (30 minutes)

  • twisted.conch: SSH support (timing depends on level of detail and which components)

  • Database access
    • twisted.enterprise + txpostgres (60 min)
    • txredis, paisley (couchdb), telephus (cassandra) (each 60 min individually)
    • Axiom (60 min)
  • twisted.spread: distributable computing (60 min)

  • twisted.names: DNS servers and clients (30 min)

  • Twisted Community Code (tx) (length depends on the package)

  • scrapy: advanced scraping architecture built on Twisted (120 min)

Advanced topics

  • Dealing with legacy/synchronous code (1h 45 min)
    • WSGI app case study: django-packages (60 minutes)
    • Threads: deferToThread(Pool), blockingCallFromThread (45 minutes)
  • Dealing with CPU-bound problems
    • Introduction (15 min)
    • Explicit cooperative multitasking (45 min)
    • Threads (reference; see previous mention of threads) (30 min)
    • Multiprocessing options and Ampoule (60 min)
  • Application framework (1h 30 min)
    • Services and applications (15 min)
    • twistd: running servers & daemonization (30 min)
    • Twisted's plugin system (15 min)
    • Writing your own twisted plugins (30 min)
  • Advanced application concepts (1h 30 min)
    • Process monitoring: daemontools, upstart, systemd, etc. (30 min)
    • Live server monitoring and maintenance with manhole (60 min)
  • Contributing to Twisted (1h 30min)
    • Issue tracker (30 min)
    • Setting up the environment (45 min)
    • Review process (15 min)

In addition to the previous topics, the following topics are touched on as needed:

  • Test Driven Twisted: twisted.trial (tutorial is TDD where sensible)

  • twisted.python: useful random python utilities
    • FilePath: like paths but better
    • Logging

Course Duration

3 days

Course Material

Every participant receives comprehensive printed materials that cover the whole course content as well as a CD with source code and used software.


See prices.


Laurens Van Houtven has extensive programming and entrepeneurial experience. He is a Twisted committer, has built two business on top of Twisted, and is a member of the Python Software Foundation.

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