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What customers say ...

Good course. Very competent trainer for this introduction. The course offers wide spectrum of topics and goes into depth were participants need it most.

Helmut Dittrich, CEO DiFis-Engineering UG, arrow-fix.com, about the German introduction to Django "Einstieg in Django" more...

I can absolutely recommend this course to everybody who wants become productiv with Python very quickly. ...

Dr. med. Beat Meister, Bern, Switzerland more...

Good course. Very fast progress without any prior Python knowledge.

Daniel Fuchs, GIGATRONIK Ingolstadt GmbH, about the German version of the course "Python for Programmers" more...

The Python Summer Course was a very good opportunity to know almost all about Python. ... Highly recommended!!

Dr. Fabio Lamanna, Complex Transportation Networks, Trieste, Italy more...

We had a wide range of Python experience in our group and each person gained something valuable to take away....

Dr. Ryan Woodard, Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks, ETH ETH Zurich, Switzerland more...

Advanced Python Workshop at PyCon Ireland 2014

Dates for Open Courses

Course available as open and in-house training. Currently no dates for open courses. Please ask us at info@python-academy.de


Registration via the above link brings you to a PDF registration from. Download and fill in using Acrobat Reader or other software. Email the filled form to the given address. Please enter your VAT ID number to avoid VAT if you are an EU but not a German company. You will receive an invoice and can pay via wire transfer.

Alternatively, you can register via Eventbrite. This allows payment via credit card.


Want a warm-up to PyCon Ireland? We are delighted to announce an advanced Python two-day workshop run by Mike Müller of Python Academy.

Intended Audience

The workshop is for intermediate Python programmers who would like to make it onto the advanced level. Learn how to take full advantage of this powerful language.

Course Content

Python offers several advanced concepts. It is possible to write useful Python programs without them. But if you want to really understand how Python works and how to write really pythonic programs, you should know about these topics:

  • Comprehensions
  • Iterators and generators
  • Context managers
  • Decorators
  • Descriptors
  • Metaclasses
  • Conventions and good style a.k.a. pythonic programming

The workshop covers them in detail using code examples that will be immediately useful for your daily work. Carefully crafted exercises help you to experience the learnt material. You will get detailed solutions for all exercises after the training.

The workshop content and teaching concept is based on numerous advanced Python classes taught by Mike Müller including in-house courses and the successful courses at EuroPython 2012 and 2013, PyConPL 2012, PyCon DE 2013, PyCon IE 2013, and PyCon in Montrèal 2014.

Mike taught about 180 Python classes with well over 400 training days.


Bring your laptop with Python 2.7 or 3.3/3.4 installed for an intensive, hands-on workshop with real-life examples.

Course Duration

2 days, October 9 and 10, 2014

Course Location

Camden Court Hotel, Dublin , Ireland


The participants can follow all steps directly on their computers. There are exercises at the end of each unit providing ample opportunity to apply the freshly learned knowledge.

Course Material

Every participant receives comprehensive printed materials that cover the whole course content as wells as all source codes.


715 EUR per person (plus 19 % VAT if applicable)

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